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"I used to get headaches and neck pain. After a couple of treatments, my headaches went away and now, after a few more treatments, my neck pain is gone and if I do get pain it can settle on its own." – Jerry


Osteopathy is a philosophy, a science and an art – based on the principles that:

  • The body is a whole- body, mind, spirit
  • The body is self healing
  • Structure (anatomy) and Function (physiology) are intrinsically inter-related
  • The Osteopath finds health and guides the body toward it.

Treatment is based on the above four principles


Similarly, the Naturopathic approach looks at the body as a whole and as self-healing. It often acts by healing the gastrointestinal tract (digestive system) first. 

When this entire tract is working optimally it provides several critical benefits:

  • Nutrients are properly absorbed and utilized
  • Waste products are efficiently removed
  • The body functions with full energy and vitality

The two modalities complement and enhance each another. For example: With conditions such as asthma, osteopathy ensures full movement and expansion of the rib cage and diaphragm while supplementary herbs and vitamins support lung tissue and repair.

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Belinda Burnside obtained her degrees in Australia and is not a licensed physician in the USA. She practices under a California Massage Therapy License (CMT 10366)
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