Standard Process products are food based and therefore absorbed and utilized by the body. Standard Process supplements supply a concentrated form of vital nutrients.

The body heals itself - that is evident when you get a cut or a scratch. It needs raw materials at a cellular level to do so. If the body is lacking certain nutrients or enzymes due to increased demand from stress, trauma or illness, it will do its best to keep functioning. Over time, the depletion will manifest as symptoms of disease, imbalance or degeneration. The human body is like a machine, yet so much more complex, because it is alive. Nutrients support life and our nutrients come from food. The modern, processed diet is often stripped of nutrients.

Most modern medicines trace their origins back to plants and herbs. The active components were identified, isolated and synthesized to make powerful drugs. Drugs come with numerous side effects that can deplete the body of necessary nutrients and cause new symptoms. Herbs are milder than drugs and work with the body to bring about systemic changes. Standard Process's Medi Herb uses standardized herbal extracts - meaning every tablet contains the same dose of the therapeutic agent.

"I feel so safe when Belinda works on my neck". – Diedra

Belinda can help you determine if you need to use food as medicine, nutritional medicine or herbal medicine to achieve a better state of health and vitality.

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Belinda Burnside • • 707.971.0830 • CMT 10366

Belinda Burnside obtained her degrees in Australia and is not a licensed physician in the USA. She practices under a California Massage Therapy License (CMT 10366)
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